Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Thieves

We've been collecting sea shells. Nothing of any great significance, just the odd shell that catches our eye on walks along the beach. We found several interesting cone shaped ones during our stay in San Carlos in the spring and left them here to enjoy on our return. I noticed the other day that we seemed to have fewer of these shells than I remembered, but didn't really think too much of it.

Our next door neighbour, Chuy, has been feeding the birds on his rooftop, which is level with our terrace. Other than the fact that the darn things are pooping all over the terrace it is rather fun as we have lots of winged visitors thoughout the day.

I looked out a few hours ago and saw a bird struggling to carry something away. It was quite heavy however and all he was doing it was dragging it across the terrace. I did think it was unusual that Chuy was feeding them such large bits of food. Abi was curious as well and went to investigate, so of course, the bird left, leaving his treasure behind.

I now know why I have fewer sea shells. I do have to wonder - exactly what was he planning on doing with that shell? And where did he hide the 3 that he did manage to make away with?

I just looked out the door and they're back, attempting to make off with yet another shell!

Dumb birds. Now I'm going to have to go back to San Carlos to get more!


  1. Those birds are really smart maybe they are looking for something to eat to make their eggshells hard. I heard of that once.

  2. Now they're digging in my plants!