Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feliz Ano Nuevo

We were just starting to get all fussed up and pretty for our first New Years out in years when we heard a commotion on the street. So, up to the terrace on the roof we went and what a surprise ... we have a van, unloading speakers .... many many speakers, very large speakers.

However, we are now veterans and I have found my ear plugs. This could be fun - not just the 'boys in the hood' with the music turned up really really loud in the van - but a real, serious, street party. A very loud street party. This is New Years Eve .... we're going out .... and I can't wait to tell you what the rest of the night is like!

We have also made up the bed in the Casa downstairs, just in case!!

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!


  1. Feliz ano Nuevo Mike and Sandie
    Well rain is definitely better than what we are covered with. SNOW SNOW SNOW so Be HAPPY!
    Actually the weather has been great till boxing day.We had a green Christmas with rain.Then on boxing day the white stuff arrived not a lot but enough for me. I went back to work on Monday for three days and it snowed every day. So you see why I'm envious of you.

  2. Happy New Year to you guys, too! Feliz año nuevo!