Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tu Mazatlan

I was doing some cleaning up and a bit of organizing the other day and realized that I had forgotten to mention something.

Just before we left Mazatlan to return to our other home in Canada, we discovered a video that had been posted on YouTube. The video is entitled "Tu Mazatlan" and whoever put it together deserves many thanks. He, or she, has captured the essence of Mazatlan and it is a video that I feel truly needs to be viewed.

We have watched it several times and every time we do, our love of the city is reinforced.

And so, to whoever created "Tu Mazatlan", we would like to extend our congratulations on a job well done.

Muchas Gracias!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick, get the passports!!!

Seems to me I just said how nice it had been this week. Silly me.

We went to bed listening to the pouring rain and howling winds and woke up this morning to this!!!!

I suppose, once again, we can consider ourselves lucky as parts of Manitoba have received over 20cm of the fluffy white stuff. However, the temperature right now is -5C and the winds are still howling.

We are not feeling particularly blessed at this point in time. We are also not planning on going outside again til all this stuff melts!