Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fish Dinner

It just poured rain 2 days ago - rained through most of the night and off and on all morning. And then, just when we were beginning to wonder if we should start working on the Ark again, it stopped and the sun came out. It is quite unusual to have rain in December, and this has been, I think, our 3rd rainy day this month. However, it does stop eventually and everything is still lovely and green so we're really not complaining too much about the occasional damp day. To be honest, if I was here for a 2 week holiday, or just in for the day on a cruise ship I would be upset, but we're here for almost six months, so as I said, we just sit back and wait for the sun to come back.

Our very good friends, Jerry and Diane,

had promised us a fish dinner, and even though it was pouring rain they headed out at 8 a.m. in the morning to pick up our main course. They spent several months last winter in La Paz, and while there cooked a few 'morsels from the sea' and are working on perfecting their technique.

I did mention that they are very good friends? It was just pouring!

They had made arrangements the day before to pick up a 2.5kg Pargo, (red snapper), however the storm made fishing a bit difficult and instead they came home with two Sierra (mackeral). Mike waited patiently while they worked their magic.

As far as we are concerned, they have it pretty much perfected. Jerry was right to become emotionally attached but it was too late! As Jerry said, "Holy Mackeral!"

The Sierras were cooked to perfection - crispy on the outside, wonderfully moist inside,and as far as Mike and I were concerned were every bit as delicious as anything we have eaten on the beach.

We've suggested that if they run out of cash, and want to stay a bit longer, they might want to apply for positions as chefs at one of the local palapas.

We ate it all - fish, salad, roasted onions, and of course, Jerry's world famous jalapeno poppers.

As Julia would have said, "Bon Appetit"!


  1. I'm freaking hungry for FISH and it is 8 in the morning!!!! I want one of those fish cookers; think I saw them at Mega or Wally's world. Happy New Year, amigos.

  2. Happy New Year Sandie and Mike
    Your Christmas dinner looked delicious! Guess what we had for New years dinner last night...Fish. Ours was oven baked salmon with a maple citrus sauce, snow peas and carrots and baked rice with herbs. It was wonderful! Gary did a fantastic job.

  3. yummy. I always crave those whole fish when we are down there. There was a time in Troncones, GRO that we would get a whole fish, beans, rice and a beer all for 1.50 USD.