Friday, January 31, 2014

Four Directions

We haven't published any house pictures yet so thought we would show you our upper outside deck. The first one is looking South, then East, then North and then West. A few changes from last year. A new mural on one wall painted by a very talented, local artist. I will do a post on the mural. And that has been about it. The weather is nice and warm; 28 - 29 deg. The sun is bright and the Pacifico beer is very cold.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mazatlan Storms

Usually when we come down for the winter to Mazatlan we manage to miss the bad weather. The summers here are very hot and humid and they get some huge rain storms. But by the end of October the storms have passed by and there is nothing but sunny warm days until we leave at the end of April. This year has been a little different. When we arrived here the first week of October the weather was still very hot and humid. We were showering 3 - 4 times a day and not even turning the hot water on! The water in the tinaco on our roof was so warm it was fine even turning it on. And we also got a number of storms. It poured buckets as you can see by the water in the street by our house.
And we had a tropical storm while we were here. It was called Sonjia. As you can see in the pictures it really soaked the city. What I can't show you though is the wind and the sound. The wind howled, literally you could hear it roaring like a freight train. We took everything off the deck as we were afraid we might end up having to pick things off the street.
The good side of the storms is they really clean everything and for just about the first time everything around the city is very green. Since the storm though everything has settled back down. Although so far this year we have had the nicest weather since we have been coming here, a big yeah for living in Mexico in the winter and not Winnipeg.