Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hace Mucho and the Star

Earlier this month, Mike and I attended a sale of restored and rebuilt furniture and artifacts at a local business called Hace Mucho. The sale was held at the home of the owner, just around the block from our casita, at the corner of Belisario Dominques and 21 de Marzo. Casa Azul is one our favourite houses along Belisario Domingues - the old homes are magnificent, and so are the trees!

We were hoping to perhaps find something just a little different to bring back to Canada with us, something that would remind us of the beauty of Old Mazatlan. There were so many lovely things, especially some of the larger pieces of furniture. One in particular, an armoire, was beautiful, but there was no way that was going into the car for the trip home!

We were thrilled when we stumbled across the Star. A very very long time ago, the Star formed part of the ironwork in a window of a home somewhere in Centro. It is rusted, the paint is chipped, it weighs a ton, and it barely fits into the truck of the car. We have no idea what we will do with it when we get it home. And we love it!

Hace Mucho, by the way, is pronounced 'ah-say mucho' and means "way back when".


  1. I love Stars too! I have a house full of them especially this time of year. My fav one is in the dinning room over the Christmas village natch. When I found it Gary thought it was way over the top but he said" It's up to you honey" so I bought it. Its nice to hear you and Mike picked it together.I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for it in Winnipeg.

  2. Hi Sandie, I love the star. We meant to get to that sale too but missed it. I've just read your complete blog. We are also hanging out in Mazatlan to experience a winter in this beautiful place. Funny though, it's a small world here in Mazatlan. Last January we were looking at possibly renting the casita from Sarah and pictured ourselves living there. I'm glad it worked out for you to be there. We ended up renting a house in Sabalo Country with our two border collies, but we're hankering to find a place in el centro. I love your photographs.