Sunday, December 27, 2009

Peace on Earth

For all my fretting, we actually ended up having a lovely Christmas! I was apprehensive at first as this has been our first Christmas away from home. It was the first time that we would spend the day without our son, Jeff, who couldn't make it down for the holiday. I worried about my Mum as my Dad passed away this summer, and this was her first Christmas alone without him. We didn't have a tree. And then we had no sleep at all on Christmas Eve and I caught the dreaded Mazatlan cold that everyone seems to have.

Christmas is Christmas however, and we ended up having a wonderful day! We had long telephone chats with Jeff and my Mum and they were both fine. Jeff assured us that he had attended to all the important Christmas details. He had a tree and the fridge was stocked with mandarin oranges, egg nog and Christmas cookies! What more could a young man need? We had a truly wonderful dinner with friends, and marvelled once again at the beauty of their home. As well as a lovely Christmas tree, they even had their own angel, who appeared on one of the cut branches on their palm tree.

The presents we decided to exchange at the last minute were perfect. Mike's new shirts fit him perfectly and I found a book for him by one of his favourite authors. He bought me earrings that match the dress I plan to wear for New Years and also a picture by one of my favourite artists.

Santa gave us both gift certificates for a massage. Santa also gave us a star, which we have hung in the Casita, below the one that was already here. We'll bring it home with us in the Spring and find a special place for it there.

Even Abi enjoyed her day, and her special treat.

We are now resting up, getting ready for the big New Years Eve party. I've found my ear plugs. All is right with the world.

Except that I might soon run out of kleenex!


  1. Your Christmas turned out spendid after all ; I'm so glad for you! It's good therapy I think to vent sometimes. It must be very difficult to be away from your son I've never done that. The 10 years my Dad lived in Las Vegas was a real adjustment but it prepared us in a way to be without him later.It's been 7 years and somedays like Christmas are hard.You and I are very lucky to have had such great men in our lives.We sure can count our blessings.

  2. Hi there ... I've been following your blog & am especially interested when you post 'normal' (or to me, everyday) happenings. That way I can imagine myself actually living there. I also have a little girl (Westie) and the thought of her asleep in a hammock is all too probable! Yes, glad you had a good xmas & hope this new year week will go great for you! Sounds like your neighborhood is especially noisy! Are you offering cupcakes on non-noisy days to those guys with the cars? Might be worth rewarding them on 'quiet' days! Later ... Gayle

  3. Love that xmas gift picture. Is it one of Darien and Mike's? I want to get a few of theirs. John sorta has the "crud" too via coughing so we might take a raincheck on this evening. See how he is feeling later.

  4. The cupcakes is a darned good idea, however that involves baking. Wonder if they would be just as pleased with chocolates.

    Seriously, our neighbourhood really isn't any noisier than others, the guys just seem to have more stamina.

    And yes, the picture is one of Darien and Mike's. I hope to collect a few more before we leave in the Spring - more about this later!

  5. I would DEFINITELY go with chocolates &/or some pastries as a NEW YEAR's EVE 'THANKYOU FOR BEING SO QUIET IN THE MORNINGS WHILE WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP!' (GRACIAS POR ESTAR TAN QUIETO EN LAS MANANAS CUANDO TRATAMOS DE DORMIRMOS!) gift. ps: I'd offer them about 4/5pm on December 31st! Maybe later, about 9/10 pm, too !! Gayle