Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Changes in the Weather

It has been quite hot since we arrived a month ago, staying in the very high 20's every day, and it's still been quite humid. I know that the folks who spend the summer here have found the weather to be much cooler, but remember, we arrived from a much colder climate, and have been quite enjoying the hot sunny days.

We check the weather forecast every day, both for here and home, and were surprised to hear that we were to get rain, something that rarely happens this time of year. We were doubtful, until 4a.m. Monday morning when the skies just opened and it poured, and poured, and poured. It was also the noisiest rain I've ever heard. Many of the houses, including ours, have drains on the roof but there are no down spouts so the water just shoots off the roof to the street below, like a waterfall. It makes walking rather interesting!

Mentioning walking, Monday is my volunteer day at the Library, so I dug out the umbrella, packed an extra pair of shoes and walked/waded my way down the hill in the middle of the downpour. It was sort of fun, and other than having wet feet up to my ankles, I managed to make it without getting too wet.

This was just a 'smallish' rain shower, but the power went out several times, once for over 2 hours. I have a real respect for the people who survived the two big storms that hit the city this year and who have done such an amazing job cleaning up and repairing the damage.

My big job will be rewashing the sheets that I forgot to bring in before we went to bed Sunday night. Then again, it was just water and the sun is supposed to shine today. Maybe I'll just leave them there to dry, again.

The view from the front

and of the terrace at the rear

The sun came out briefly, around dinner time

but then the clouds rolled in again.

At this point, we went inside, had dinner and watched a movie!


  1. The scenery is very pretty despite the rain.The sun will come out tomorrow I'm sure.

  2. The scenery is very pretty despite the rain.The sun will come out tomorrow I'm sure.

  3. I love your gorgeous accomodating deck and views. When is your next party?????