Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silencio, por favor

Oh, how I wanted to yell those words out of the bedroom windows at shortly before 6 a.m. this morning!

The neighbours were out in full force. After repeatedly gunning and revving their car engines, they proceeded to have a good old neighbourly chat while the cars warmed up. Now, its already close to 20 degrees outside so I'm really not sure why exactly they feel they need to idle for a good 10 minutes every morning. Both these vehicles need to have their mufflers replaced. Both are parked about 3 feet from said bedroom windows, which of course, are wide open, because, as I said, it's 20 degrees outside.

However, I am visitor to the 'hood, and customs are customs. So, instead of bellowing out the windows, I got up and shut them, hoping to minimize the sounds of the voices and revving motors (and to keep the exhaust fumes outside where they belong). I do have to confess that I shut them firmly, hoping perhaps they would take the hint. No luck there, so I gave up, got up again and made myself a cup of tea.

The early morning hasn't been a total waste. I decided to catch up on emails. We're having company for dinner so I got the marinade ready for the pork tenderloin and made the dressing for the salad. I've painted my nails. And, the sunrise was spectacular!


  1. Don't need the neighbors to wake me up, 5:30am to 6am the eyes open automatically and I'm ready for the new day. The sunrise never disappoints...

  2. Nice sunrise! We are going to work in the dark these days so don't get to see much of them. The weather here has been great a little snow one day it was pretty but in Stratford they got too much and the police closed the road into that city.I saw on the news mid Ontario got a real downfall so the ski resorts are full.There have been some power outages. The funniest thing I saw was Texas with snow.

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