Sunday, December 6, 2009

Salsa Saturdays

Shortly after we arrived I mentioned to a friend that I would love to learn how to dance the Salsa, and wouldn't it be fun if we could find an instructor and get a class going. Well, Cecilia loved the idea and next thing I knew she had the whole thing set up - she found the teachers and made the arrangements at Canucks (a local restaurant/North American Community Centre) for use of the facility on Saturday evenings. We e-mailed back and forth on a regular basis while arrangements were being made and met for lunch to discuss things, but really, she did absolutely everything and all I had to do was show up last night for our first class.

Mike and I are both just a wee bit stiff this morning and we both need to do a lot, and I mean, A LOT of practicing before next Saturday, but it was so much fun! Mary and Oskar, our instructors, taught about 20 or so of us how to do the basic Salsa step (out-in-out-in-move those hips-just the hips-out-in-out-in-keep those shoulders still-move those hips-keep your head up-feel the rythym-out-in-out-in...... by this point we're all laughing ourselves silly and the waiters and bartender are killing themselves! There were one or two people who were actually dancing the Salsa but they fessed up and admited they's had lessons before. There were also a few who looked they were doing the Salsa, but they were cheating - their heads and shoulders were moving and that's a no-no.

If we can manage to move enough today, we're going to strap imaginary broom sticks to our backs to keep them nice and straight, turn the music on really loud, and practice. Or maybe we'll just listen to the music, and practice tomorrow.

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  1. Salsa dancing sounds very sexy. Could it lead to other fun activites I'm betting it did?!!!