Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Ring

I really don't do a lot of shopping in Mexico anymore. Really, it's true, don't listen to Mike! We've been coming for years and for several years did the shop til you drop thing. It was so much fun. I don't care what anyone says, I love beach vendors. Over the years we've amassed a fairly sizable collection of Mexican 'favourites'. I loved the colourful pottery, Mike found the replicas of Mayan gods and goddesses of interest, we collected a wonderful series of photographs which we have framed and hung at home. When Jeff was young he always brought home one of the ironwood carvings. We bought paper mache parrots, glassware, beach blankets, the list goes on and on. The list also, of course, included silver, lots and lots of silver.

I am not denying it, I have managed to collect a fair amount of Mexican silver over the years, a lot of which I still wear, on a regular basis. One of my favourite bracelets was purchased in Puerto Vallarta about 15 years ago, and I still love the ring I bought in Manzanillo shortly after that. I even have, and wear several times a week, bracelets that I found in Taxco our first trip to Mexico which was somewhere around 1975. I do have to confess that some of the things that I have picked up on trips have been 'regifted' .... quite often after I have looked and looked for something unique to give as a gift and have finally turned to my own jewellery box.

We just don't shop that much anymore. We had a recent quick trip when we astounded the folks at customs when we told them we have nothing to declare - we even forgot to pick up a bottle of Kahlua. Usually, however, we will pick up something interesting for the house and I confess that I do pick up the odd personal thing here or there (read into that earrings, or silver ....)

Recently I dropped into a local jewellery store at the Plaza Machado (they're giving away free bracelets – we're all wearing them). They have lovely things. I just took a quick peek – and found 'the perfect ring'. Which I have to have, except that every time I go back, they are closed. I even made a special trip to the bank to get cash (up and down the hill). I have been there 3 times – they are always closed. Today the cruise ships were in. I was sure they would be there. I would never shop on cruise ship day, but they already know I live here. So I went twice. They were closed. That was twice, up and down that darned hill. They were closed. I managed to tie the trips into the market and the pharmacy but to be honest they were trips really made for 'the ring'. And they were closed. They often seem to open in the evenings. Guess where I'm going tonight? I admit it, I have become obsessed. I have worn out shoes, trekking up and down the hated hill. I don't care how much it costs (okay within reason). I want the ring. I will haunt this store until I get it.

And I promise, Mike, I won't buy another thing the whole time we are here.

Maybe. I think I need more shoes.


I wrote this awhile ago, but never did get around to posting it. I did get the ring, that evening, and for a darned good price I should add. I also managed to acquire several more 'free' bracelets, which I shared with a friend!

I'm still looking for the shoes.


  1. The ring is beautiful I see why you kept going back. My father was obsessed with rings and guess what a lot of them with that same turquoise stone!!He was mad for that of course we never inherited any of them but your ring made me remember his love for it and them. Thanks Sandie.

  2. Hola Mike & Sandra. Come stai? I had to laugh when I read this entry. I'm sure Mike rolled his eyes at the shoe comments! Lovely ring. Have a very Merry Christmas... and be glad you missed the wicked cold snap we just had. Enjoy a cerveza for me please!

    Kelly F.