Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dinner at Donia's

We've all had a craving for shrimp, and friends suggested rather than cooking at home we pick up our shrimp from the Shrimp Ladies and then just take in across the street to Donia's Restaurant, where they would cook it for us. We've been busy painting the casita all week and were a bit tired, so that certainly worked for us. We all met at Edgars (our favourite cantina) first, for a 'planning' session and then headed up Aquille Serdan to pick out our shrimp It was a short trip around the corner and into Donia's where we marvelled at our 3 kg bag of shrimp the chefs and then again at the finished product We ran into Natalia, a very good friend and we were entertained by yet another Banda Band. This was when I decided that sign language should be taught in all schools! The music didn't seem to disturb some of the patrons in the least. Dinner was delicious and we all had a marvelous time. Can't wait to do this again!


  1. Dinner looked delicious!Wish we could do that in Canada just drop in with our food and get it cooked at the local pub.What did they charge you for that or does it come with the purchase of the booze and a big tip? It's a very interesting concept I will pass it on to our Ryan who is at present thinking of opening a restaurant with a fellow cook buddie from college.

  2. We still haven't done us next time, okay??? 668 8813. You outdid yourself on blogs this time...three in a row. Wahooo... Zoe

  3. Hi Sandie ... I will be there last 2 weeks in Jan & would love to hook up w/you to chat about shrimp, dogs in mexico, places to live, etc. Please send me email at I'm hopefully also meeting with others there, and of course will get myself to the Friday & Sunday group meetings. Perhaps we can meet at Donias?