Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On The Road Again

We are really glad that we are staying here in Maz until the middle of April, as we have both had just about enough of the car for awhile!

The drive went smoothly, no problems at all, it was just a long, long trip. We took the same route as last year, and even stayed at some of the same hotels, so the navigating part was easy. It just seemed to take forever to get here (maybe because we were so looking forward to arriving!)

We managed to leave Winnipeg before it snowed, and skirted around the big storm that was working its way across the Dakotas and Kansas, keeping an eye on some really nasty cloud formations.

We ran out of luck in Albequergue of all places!

We had driven for 3 days, straight south, and were greeted in New Mexico by a mini-blizzard, not something we had expected!! Most of the snow had melted by early evening, but it was darned cold when we got up the next morning, and there was evidence of the storm all along the highway.

Mexico was looking better and better all the time!


  1. that is a long drive. And your right about the Flying J, they do have just about anything you can ever need.

  2. Hi Guys
    Too bad about that snow.Here in Ontario we have been having a terrific week of Indian Summer.The sun has shone everyday and we have been having temps as high as 17!I"m sure things will be better in Mexico just hang in there.