Monday, November 9, 2009

The Visitor

Yesterday, Mike and I were having lunch on the terrace when we noticed this little guy sitting on one of the power lines. We had been told about the wild parrots in town, didn't know we had parakeets as well! He was quite comfortable up there and stayed for awhile, giving us time to get the camera and takes lots of pictures.

Hope he comes back - or has the sense to go home if he's not really wild!


  1. He is not a parakeet, he is a Mexican Thick-Billed Parrot. I think he is probably an escapee as they generally colonize in large family flocks. He was probably hoping that you and Mike might share your lunch.

  2. Chrissy and Keith - thank you very much for identifying our bird visitor. Thought it might be an escaped pet as we could get pretty close to it so thought it might be used to people around it.

  3. I'm pretty sure it is Pancho, our Half Moon Conure or Orange Fronted Conure ( who escaped from his cage over the weekend. He is one of the 400 or so seized stolen conures that Conrehabit (and us) took care of when the people who had stolen them from the wild were caught. We think Pancho had been planning his escape, according to Conrehabit if they leave on their own they will probably do fine in the wild. The goal all along was for these guys to go free and for some reason Conrehabit thought he wouldn't survive in the wild...but I think he'll do fine. Pancho's cage mate, Lefty, has a lame foot and wing and can't fly. He is doing fine without his friend, I imagine he encouraged him to go!

    They all look alike pretty much, so it might not be Pancho, I just suspect it is.

    By the way, glad you guys are back in town!

  4. ooh, He might be a Half Moon Conure. It's hard to see if he has any blue on his head. His tail is more like a Conure. I have a Sun Conure and his tail is long and pointy.

  5. Nice bird! Glad to see you are there safely and making such colorful friends. We would have responded sooner, however, we were on the golf course yesturday and today. The weather is great for the Peg in November but a far cry from Maz I'm sure. Paris was magnifque!!!
    Stay healthy and safe and have a cerveza [or three] for me.


  6. It's great you have arrived in Mexico as usual I was worried but I'll relax now. The parrot was a nice welcoming touch to your new digs.Pretty Bird!

  7. That little rascal must be Pancho. AS your friends Chrissy and Keith said, they fly in flocks, so this little escape artist must be waiting for one to fly by and join them. Willie Bodrak reported sighting a parrot too, about the time Pancho was missing. I went by the neighbourhood but didnt´see anything. He must´ve joined a flock in the wild now. They fly regularly in the area. There is one that fees on the trees by the EScuela SEcundaria next to the ferries. Ours at the ranch escaped and joined a group that would come by to visit.