Friday, November 20, 2009

The Awakening

Last night we decided to go to bed with the windows open in the bedroom. It's been quite hot and humid since we've arrived, not that we're complaining or anything, but we've found that it has been easier to sleep with the windows shut and the dehumidifier running. Now, friends who are full time residents of Mazatlan might scoff at this, as the weather has cooled down considerably from the heat of the summer, but remember, we're still acclimatizing. However, last night was a beautiful evening, with a lovely breeze, and we decided it was time to enjoy the fresh air. I reminded myself before we went to sleep to set the mental alarm clock so we didn't sleep in as we were going to have a busy day and needed to get an early start.

Well, I really didn't need to worry. The roosters started around 3:30 or 4:00. Not too loud, and not a lot of them, but I could hear them. At this point, I'm still sort of sleeping. Around 5:00 more roosters joined in, a great deal more. I'm still trying to sleep, but it's getting harder. Then a few dogs joined the roosters. Sigh, I've now reached the point that I'm more awake than sleeping. But with luck, I can fake it.

However, the neighbour leaves for work about 5:45, driving his very old truck, his very very old, very very very loud truck. Said truck is parked right outside our bedroom window, about 4 feet away. Because it is so old, apparently it needs to be revved up several times to get the engine going. And then, just to be sure that it's really warmed up, the truck is left running for what seems like forever, with several more revving sessions tossed in for good measure.

Just as the truck heads out, rumbling and coughing all the way down the street, another neighbor heads out. He, however, must be having problems with the lock on his car, as the alarm has gone off at least 3 times. Perhaps someone is trying to steal it. At this point in time, I really don't care. I just wish they would do it more quietly!

Here it is, 6:00 am and I am now wide awake. Oh well, the sun-rise is lovely and I did say that we wanted to get up early. Just not this early! Oh lovely, there goes that alarm again!!!!!

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  1. ...and if you do manage to sleep past 6 am, there will be the gas trucks (gas pasa gas pasa entrega en su casa....) or the one that sounds like the good, the bad, and the ugly theme song.

    It takes a bit of time, but we have most of it tuned out now!