Friday, November 13, 2009

Enough with the decorating already!

OK, I promise (maybe), this is the last edition to the home decorating saga. However, this is just another chance to let you know just how economicial it can be to live (and decorate) in Mexico.

The sofa in the Casita is white. We have a dog - who is sometimes sort of white, but usually with dusty feet. Not a good match.

As with the table, there was a plan, which of course changed. Last season we covered the seats with beach blankets, which was a good temporary measure, but not too classy. We decided that this time we would go to the market and purchase several of the colourful Mexican blankets, the ones that the beach vendors tote up and down the beach, on their backs, in the heat. We`re closer to the market and I figured I wouldn`t feel as guilty buying them there as no one would have to lug pounds of them for miles and miles, so that we could make a choice of colours and patterns.

The blankets, while not exhorbitantly expensive, would have cost us around 400 pesos for the two we needed and we`re starting to think like retired folks - the budget and all. There is a department store across the street from the market and I had to go there to buy the oil cloth for the table. While I was wondering around, fondling the fabics, I discovered the perfect blue stiped cotton in the sale bin. Out went the blanket idea, in came the blue cotton.

So, for 110 pesos (less than $10.00) I covered the seats on the sofa, and had enough left over to cover 2 of the existing cushions. I found a remnant of the beautiful Guatemalan cotton stripe that is used in the kitchen and covered another cushion and used yet another remmant in muslin to encase another.

I don`t have a sewing machine, so all the cushions were done by hand, as were the curtains in the bathroom. My fingers hurt.

Which is why the redecorating is over, for awhile. It`s time to hit the beach, or find a pool!


  1. wow, good job Sandie. Do you usually use a sewing machine? What an awesome job. All your decorating ideas have turned out so well. Congratulations.

  2. Sandie, love what you have done with the couch. What a great job, no wonder your fingers hurt. Gladly would have let you use my sewing machine, although I haven't used it since moving here almost two years ago. Too much to do, too much to see..........Congrats on the great couch changeover.......Renate

  3. Mrs. Purshbacker would be proud of you Sandie!I know I'm amazed with your handiwork.Things are looking very Style at Home.

  4. Looks good; fresh and ready for the "settle in". Didn't realize you convoyed with Renata and Billie..We did that leaving last year but only with Billie. I had set Renata up with her for this trip. Now I have to find Renata and get my Kosher salt|!