Friday, November 20, 2009

The Parade

I know there are those who do not believe this, but there are times that I can be quiet and just let the pictures do the talking. This is the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, and today was the day of the big parade in Mazatlan. We had read the parade was supposed to start at 8:00 am, but by the ever increasing noise levels we think it actually started somewhere around 7. We were up early anyway (the truck, remember?) and it was no big deal. We made it down to watch by around 8and don't think we missed too much.

I loved the dogs who watched us park the car ..

and I loved the parade ...

These were some of the favourites ...

There was music as well, which will come later because to be honest, I give up, it will not load!!

I do gave a question however.

How did they walk in those shoes?!

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  1. I love a parade yours sure had lots of beautiful happy young people! We are going to the St. Thomas Santa Claus parade tonight it gets us in the Christmas mode.Your pictures were fantastic!!