Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beach Days

It was a busy day on Friday.

We were up early, went to watch a parade, and then headed over to Stone Island with our friends who have just arrived for a 4 month stay. It was their first trip, and I think they were suitably impressed!

It was a perfect beach day; the sun was shining, the water was warm, and the beer was cold.

Stone Island is not really an island; it's actually a peninsula and the beach can be reached by car, but it's a long way around, and we've heard the road is not the best. It's much easier to go to the Stone Island Panga Docks, pay 20 pesos a person, and take the 3 or 4 minute ride across the water to the beach side. The beach is lovely and stretches for kilometers. We will spend a day and walk the length, but yesterday was just a day for settling into our lounge chairs to relax.

We did have several heated rounds of 'chicken foot' dominoes

and Mike and Jerry had several 'swims' in the ocean

while Diane and I eyed the vendors and their wares,

but all in all, it was just a wonderful, lazy day at the beach.

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  1. The beach looks wonderful all sunny and definitely warm that beer looks good too. Sandie you look great I like the short hair! Reminds me of your beatle haircut back in 1964.