Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Sunday Stroll

When we arrived at the Food Festival earlier today, we were a bit too early, so decided to just wander around for a bit and work up an appetite. No problem there, as things were starting to smell pretty good, and we'd already checked out the pastries.

We headed down past the cathedral

passing a Pinata store on the way. Take note of the chicken in the back yard; I didn't even notice him til we loaded the pictures onto the computer!

As we passed through the Plaza Revolucion in front of the Cathedral we stopped to look at the displays honouring some of the heros of the Revolution.

The women kept the men supplied with ammunition. Great job - no danger there at all!

Of course we had to stop to admire the odd ruin

and marvel at yet another wonderful reconstruction

And here it is - our house, up on the hill. We're just a bit off centre to the left hand side, 2 streets down from the bright turquoise building, just below the house with the arched windows. The Casita is a creamy colour and the terrace railing is criss-cross brick. This might remind you of the old series of books, "Where's Waldo?"

OK, it is a bit hard to make out, but trust me, the Casita is there!


  1. Well, I SEE your casita! Though it did take a minute or two to find it!

    Been reading your blog, love the comments re: Abi, etc. Will be staying in MZT late January 2010 for a few weeks to check it out for long term. Would love to meet up for a drink somewhere along the way & ask all the usual dumb newcomer questions.... Gayle in Portland

  2. Gayle, I'm so glad you're enjoying this - every day is a new adventure in Mazatlan. We'd love to get together with you when you come down in Jan. I'll send you an email and we can figure out a date and place.


  3. Sandie,

    thank goodness the picture can be enlarged or I would have missed the great terraza of your casita. Didn't you say Mike painted the bricks not too long ago? Love your blog, keep on blogging.........Renate