Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Table

When we came to the Casita last year we discovered the wonderful old table base that Sarah had rescued. Problem was, it had no top. The original plan was to have a circular glass top made, which we all kiboshed pretty quickly when we discovered how expensive glass tops can be in Mexico. However, Mike and I are determined people. We would find the glass, somewhere, we were sure of this.

We also knew that we wanted to paint the table black.

We were positively delighted when we got home to Winnipeg and realized that we could buy our round glass at Pier One, for much cheaper than it was is Maz. We rushed right over, bought the darned thing, and then found that it would not fit it into the trunk of the car. It was returned about 15 minutes after we purchased it, and we were back to square one.

Literally, a square. When we arrived back in Maz, we purchased a 48 inch square piece of plywood from Home Depot (where they are starting to recognize us, by the way!). The original plan, devised over a glass of wine at home in Winnipeg, was to leave the wood in a square, and to tile it. The plan has been revised several times (what a surprise!) and we have now decided to have the square cut into a circle, which suits the base much better than the square, and to cover it with oil-cloth, which is sold everywhere in Maz.

Of course, we don't have a saw, and Home Depot only cuts straight lines. So, we posted a message on one of the local forums, and happy days, someone close to us has a jig saw, and was kind enough to lend it to us.

So, we now have a lovely table, and all it cost was the price of ¼ of a can of black paint, $17.00 for the wood, and 3.00 for the covering. The saw was free, although I do think we owe the owner a cervasa or two.

Martha would be proud.


  1. Perfect! You are truly a Mexican now that you have figured out a way to make do with what resources you have. Congratulations!

  2. That's a great table you have made for yourselves much more interesting than one you might have purchased. This one has a story and look at all the fun you had making it.Bravo!!!!You guys rock.