Monday, October 12, 2009

mexico at last - again!

Not that we're counting, but we have 15 more sleeps until we leave Winnipeg and 20 until we are home again in Mazatlan.

We`ve had a great summer catching up with friends and family and I would love to say that we are sorry to leave our summer home in Winnipeg, but to be honest, it's snowing today (already) and we can't wait to get back to Mexico, and Mazatlan.

We have friends who will be there for 4 months with us, others who are planning week long visits, and of course, the most important one of all, our son Jeff will come for a week, probably in February. We can`t wait to see the friends we left behind in May, we have so much catching up to do!

It's Thanksgiving weekend, we've cooked the bird, ate probably way too much, and now have the soup pot simmering for the leftovers. I've been in cooking mode the last few weeks, now that weather has turned to fall, and have been working my way through all the favourites that we won't be eating while we're away for the winter. Today, after getting the soup started, I made Banana Bread ... with chocolate chips .. apparently Banana Bread always has chips ... says Mike. I would love to say that I made it just for him, but I`ll know I`ll indulge as well. Dinner tonight is leftover turkey, with all the veggies, and gravy and stuffing ... yummm ... think I`ll need a few long walks on the hills of Mazatlan to wear all this off.

By the way, the punctuation might be a bit off here, we`re warming up the lap top again and all my question marks are coming out `É` Just so you know! The `!``seem to be fine.

To get in the mood I`m listening to Nelle Furtado`s new CD, in Spanish. In that she`s Canadian-Portugese, and Spanish is not her first language, she`s doing quite well. Not that I would know - Spanish lessons, here we come!!

We`ve started to pack, not as much last year, but the piles do seem to be growing. We really don`t need to bring a lot of `housekeeping`things as the Casita has everything we could possibly need so poor Mike thought that the car would be semi-empty. However, it seems I can always find something else to tuck in. We`ve started the `can`t get in Mexico`grocery shopping (remember the lemon juiceÉ) and have also picked up some car parts for friends who live in Maz full time. The car parts don`t take up a lot of space. Good thing, because the shoe pile seems to be growing!

Even though we had a cool, damp summer, the patio seemed to thrive. Just thought we`d share it.

Canèt wait to start on the deck at the Casita!


  1. This is just a test of the comment section of this blog.


  2. This is a second try.


  3. Hi Sandie and Mike
    sorry to here about your snow last week.Here in Mexico North (Ontario)it was 17C no kidding!!!Even in Muskoka where we were at Cranberry festival it was sunny and warm all weekend.

  4. I'm sure you guys are on the road now. Have a great winter... and think of us suffering here once in awhile. Looking forward to reading about this next adventure!


  5. Muy bonitas fotos de Mazatlán...

  6. Happy for you both that you're off to Mazatlan. Loved keeping up with you last year and looking forward to it again.