Thursday, November 12, 2009


The place has been a bee-hive of activity since we`ve arrived.

Our owners had already been here for a few weeks and have accomplished miracles in the Casa, the `downstairs`house. The painters were hard at it, working from 8:00 am til 5:00 pm, and it is now finished and beautiful. We love the colours and the furniture and accessories they have chosen are perfect for the space.

They have painted the exterior of the casita as well – a beautiful soft green – and Mike and I have just finished painting the railings on the terrace to match the walls. I've attached a before and after of the ledges to show what the the heat,humidity and salt in the air do to paint in Mexico. No wonder painting is an on-going activity.

Mike has just finished painting our bathroom and we'll start on the rest of the interior walls probably in another week. Our colours are very different than those downstairs but everything just seems to flow. Can't wait to get started inside but will also be glad when all is finished and we can sit back and enjoy the results of all the hard labour!

We have established some sort of a routine. We've found that as we're usually up really early in the morning, we might as well start painting and we're usually finished our planned project by noon. It's a little cooler in the early mornings as well! That way if we have any running around to do, we can do it in the heat of the day and take advantage of the Home Depot air conditioning and soft ice cream cones.

We have also learned a few things! Yesterday we went to Home Depot to pick up more paint for the bathroom and took the empty can with us to make sure we came home with the same kind of paint. When we went through the check out, the cashier rang through both cans! Good thing they match the bill to the contents of your cart before you leave, or we would have paid for an empty can! Lots of laughter and apologies and a lesson learned – pay attention at the check outs. Perhaps the ice cream cones we were enjoying were the distraction!

We also came home with a 48 inch square piece of 5/8” plywood, which we will have cut into a circle to use as a table top. This is, of course, after we find someone who owns a saber saw ......

It's not all hard work by the way. This is something that we have chosen to do, and we're having fun with it. This is going to be our home for 6 months and we just feel lucky that we have found an 'owner' who trusts us enough to let us make the place our own for the time that we live here.

Well, while I was working on this Mike has finished the last little bit of painting for the day. I can hear him rummaging in the fridge – think that means it might be time for a break, and a much deserved cervesa.

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  1. Nice digs and you are making it even nicer! I like the colours they are very cheerful.I can see by them you are very happy.At least I can see Mike is happy what about you Sandie? How about showing us your smile.