Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost Time

Well it had to happen. We arrived on March 10th and now it's almost the end of May and we have to think about going home. We've started to get organized, have made the phone calls home to make appointments with doctors and the dentist and have made arrangements to have the phone reconnected and the newspaper delivered.

It will be wonderful to be home again - I can't wait to see my son and it will be great to reconnect with all our friends. We've booked flights to fly east to visit family in Ontario in July. Mike is anxious to get out to the golf course and is hoping to play at least 5 games a week until we leave again in mid October to head back to Mazatlan.

Only problem is, we're not quite ready to leave yet! There are still so many things we haven't done, or seen, or eaten!

I'd love another trip to Stone Island. I wanted to walk the length of the Malecon and haven't done that yet - wasn't strong enough when we first arrived and now it's too hot. I'd planned on going to Church one Sunday (I'm not Catholic, but the churches are so lovely, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind). I would love to spend the whole day at Playa Bruja, just watching the waves roll in, and then spend another afternoon at a palapa on Playa Norta. The afternoon would of course include a grilled Red Snapper for lunch. We wanted to have another roasted chicken from the vendor by the Market, with perhaps another roasted sweet potato to go with it. We have several more shrimp recipes to prefect.

There are still pictures to be taken - the huge hibiscus tree we pass every night when we walk Abi, the flowers growing out of the cracks in the sidewalks, Alfredo's store on the corner, inside and out .... the list could go on and on.

We've met so many wonderful people since we've been here, but in so many cases there just hasn't been enough time to get to know them well.

However, we will be back, on November 1.

It will be so much easier this time. We know where to get the gas tank for the barbeque filled, I've found a place to buy wonderful flowers, we have our favourite taco stand, the list of things we have learned goes on and on. I just wonder what will happen next visit, what else we will learn - every day so far has been an adventure!

JJust for fun I've attached a picture, just because I like it! No explanation, it was just there.....


  1. We miss you guys!!!!Can't wait to have one of our "Yard/...well,Step" parties!!!!having another frost /100km wind warnings sure you want to come back????See you soon!!!!!
    Kelly and Fam....

  2. Just found your blog though Coundown to Mexico. We are also Mazatlan visitors (in the winter). Maybe we'll connect this coming winter.

  3. Hi Amegos
    Well they say all good things must come to an end but every end has a beginning so it's a toss up either way really.
    I know I will be happy to have you come home to Canada but it has been exciting to view your blog.I feel like I was on holiday with you and anytime I needed to escape here I could just log on.
    Have a good trip and a safe journey!Know that you will be in our thoughts all the way.

  4. I'm not ready for you guys to come home either. I've enjoyed reading your blogs very much. Have a safe trip home!