Monday, May 11, 2009

Abi's Adventurous Day

We woke up this morning and I realized pretty quickly that it was going to another scorcher (the folks checked and every day this week is going to be 32 - with a low of 19). Now, I know I'm not getting much sympathy here but that's pretty darn hot when you wear a fur coat and no shoes to protect your feet from the sizzling pavement. Plus, I realized that the cleaning lady was coming this morning, and apparently I get in the way. Hey, I'm just trying to be sociable. I notice that the sympathy level has dropped a bit more. Sandie says to tell you that Angelica came with the house, and that she still sweeps and dusts, only maybe not as much. Hey, it's a tough life.

Last time Angelica came I kept Sandie and Mike out on the patio, but it is simply too hot to sit out there (and as I said, for some reason they don't want me getting in Angelica's way in the house?!) so I suggested we go to the beach. Sandie and Mike went yesterday, but I had to stay home. They took me once before and it was fun and since I had to do the guard dog thing yesterday ....

We went to Playa Bruja, and it was super. There was no one there so I got to run on the beach without my leash, even went jogging with this really cute Mexican guy who appeared out of nowhere, but then Sandie and Mike sort of got mad at me when I went exploring and didn't come back when they called me, and Sandie put my leash back on. Rats. But I did meet some really cool Mexican crabs but they were shy and didn't hang around long. The fish wasn't too sociable either. Actually, he looked a bit like the one Sandie and Mike had for lunch the other day. Just kidding!!!!!

I generally try to stay pretty tidy while we're out, but really blew it today. To be truthful, it was Sandie's fault. She was wading in the ocean and called to me. Because of the repercussions of my last attempt at faking deafness (the dreaded leash)I of course obeyed instantly and rushed right over, just as a really big wave was coming in. Apparently I'm going to have to have another bath tonight. Sigh.

I'm not too happy with Mike either - if he'd had the lock on the leash I would have stopped about 3 feet short of the water but, ohhhh nooooo, he just had to let me keep running. And they had the nerve to laugh at me, like it was funny or something.

It all ended well though - we went to a great restaurant at the end of the beach and I got a chance to relax and dry off while Sandie and Mike had something to eat. They always bring some water for me and today they even remembered my treats. I've never been to an 'inside' restaurant, but Sandie and Mike often take me with them if it's an 'open air' place. I really liked this place. Sandie and Mike said the view was stunning and the restaurant itself was really pretty and spotlessly clean - they even had a table at the entrance way with antiseptic hand soap for people to use. Wonder if they have it all the time, or if it's for the flu that no one talks about anymore? I was a bit worried that they were going to wash my feet like they do after my walks at home, but they let me off the hook. Could have been because of all the sand between my toes.

Actually, I liked it because the floor was nice and cool - and dry!

I love Mexico!

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  1. How cute & funny ... and actually pretty darned informative! (well, for another dog owner who's pet is impossibly spoiled...!) Thanks! Gayle from Oregon