Monday, May 11, 2009

48 2da Penualas

This is the Casita - and we are thrilled to tell you that it will be our home when we come back in November. We love the house, the location is perfect(ok the hill can be an effort but we know a short cut!), the view is awesome and the neighbours are wonderful. We already feel such a part of the neighbourhood and we've only been here since the middle of April. By the way, the furniture in the living room is usually white, and stunning, but we had it covered the day I took the pictures as we'd just come back from a wander and as I've said, it's hot and we were dusty!

By the way, we have two bedrooms.......

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  1. Your condo is very pretty and yes I think you have made a great choice!Love that iron work it is so romantic with all those hearts and scroll work. Would love to visit you but I think we will work while we can here.Gary's on layoff and I'm on work share which means we must stay in the country to colect EI benefits. Still seeing your pics is just lovely and one day I hope we will come to visit and see all those beautiful sites you have sent us.