Monday, May 18, 2009

The Walk to the Library

Monday was hot, overcast, and postively dripping. Not rain, just humidity. However, there were things we needed to do.

I needed to go to the library and then we had planned to meet friends for lunch at Puerto Viejo, one of our favourite lunch spots on the Malecon. Off we went, camera in hand, to record the somewhat damp trek. (It's really only 15 minutes, but with several stops, it took at least an hour or so). We wore our lightest clothing, but it didn't help - by the time we made it to the library, we looked like we had been to the pool.

We paused several times as I needed to bond with a few of my favourite ruins, and then there were the other buildings that just needed to be recorded for prosperity as well.

We also needed to say Hola to the ladies - all dressed up but nowhere to go!

We stopped in at a small Museum near the Plaza Machado, a restoration of a typical upper class home in the 1800's. We've been meaning to go for ages and today seemed like as good day as any. It was fascinating but hot! Next time we'll pick a day with at least a bit of a breeze. Note to self - don't complain - in the 1800's women wore long black wood dresses, with corsets, and stockings!

We decided after this we needed a refreshment at Fish Taco, our usual drop in spot at the Plaza Machado, with of course, a few more pictures on the way.

Now getting closer to the library, more pictures, then a quick stop into the Art Gallery (gorgeous, and air conditioned).

After the gallery, it was across the street to the Library, which is run by ex-pat volunteers. I picked up 2 more books to read before we leave. I bought them from the 10 peso pile ($1.00) and will add them to the library at the Casita.

Finally, the Peurto Viejo, a well deserved Marguerita and lunch.

We lucked out - our friends drove so we got a ride home.

By the way, I took 81 photographs on the way. No wonder it took so long to get to the library!

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