Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Year Later

Michael and I went out to dinner tonight, to celebrate. We retired one year ago yesterday, but our first year of retirement hasn't been quite what we had envisioned. We didn't go out to dinner last year. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and we were reeling somewhat, and really didn't feel like celebrating anything. The big concern one year ago today was just getting through it all; mostly at the time, really just dealing with the fear of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

It has been a year I hope never to repeat, but as dreadful as it has been, I have also learned so very much. I have learned to treasure the good times and to try not to dwell on the bad (or at least to try to erase them from my memory).

I have learned is to treasure my husband, who has been my pillar of support and also my best friend. I guess the wedding vows meant something - you know, for better for worse, the good times and the bad, sickness and health. I truly pray that we never have to test our vows like this again! By the way, we left out the obey part, which is just as well, because I still ignore him sometimes (wear your hat, stay out of the sun .....)

I also realize how special friends can be. I have been so very lucky to have had a wonderful support group, some very special friends, some old, many new, and we will always be so very thankful for their presence in our lives. There were many times when it was hard to be cheerful and positive and it helped so much to have them to be there to pick up the pieces. It also gave poor Mike a break.

So, last night we went out to dinner, to celebrate. Everything. Retirement, health and good friends, both old and new.

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