Thursday, May 7, 2009

Palapa Dining

A couple of days ago we decided that we were due for another fish feed at the beach so headed off to Loco Lupe's Palapa on Playa Norta. I continue to amaze myself because I really was looking forward to another grilled fish. Mandy (a new fiend from Sausalito, Ca) and I were just disgusted when Mike and Don (her husband) ate one the day we went to Stone Island with them and here it is, 6 weeks later, and I'm the one suggesting that's what we order. Red Snapper is my favourite.

I do, however, completely draw the line at octopus - that is simply never ever going to happen!

The kids were from a large family group and they're waiting for their coconuts. Check out the machete - we checked to see if he still had all his fingers. He did.

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  1. That red snapper looks great you are making me very envious and very hungry.However I would like to tell you that I too had fish last Saturday in Stratford it was a Mother's Day Special and it was grilled salmon with lemon seafood risotto that had calamari mixed in plus veggies cooked in wine.Can you guess the restaurant? It was italian and it was across from our hotel. It was Fellini's and yes it was the very one we went to together 2 years ago.