Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pictures - The Hood

These are just some photos of the `Hood`around Azueta Street. Bear in mind, some of the buildings look positively ancient, and terribly poor and run down. Mexicans quite often don`t care about the outside of their homes, just what`s on the interior. Some of these houses are lovely when you peek inside the windows or through the interior courtyards. Someday soon, however, I will send alongs pictures of some homes where as much attention has been paid to the exterior as well as the interior.


  1. Hello Again
    I love your pics they are so colourful and interesting ! The market looks alot like our Covent garden market in London what a surprise.No wonder you go there often, with so many food items to choose it must be hard to decide just what to buy for your dinner.The city looks very old are there some newer housing areas?What alot of cars on the street is that because there are no garages? It's so fun to see how other people live thanks for giving us a glimpse of yours.

  2. Hi Mike and Sandie, looks like you're having a fab time, very neat idea having a blog. I'm also baking in hot weather, been in Florida(Anna Maria Island) for 2 weeks, 1 more to go. It's also much hotter than normal for this time of year, lov'in the ocean, pool, and of course, the AC!
    Anyway, love your photos, enjoy all that fabulous fresh food! Enjoy yourselves, I'll catch up again later!
    much love,