Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes they fall.....

We met this old guy when we moved into the Casita. He spends time on the roof of the building next door, but to be honest is not much of a guard dog. He wanders over to the edge periodically and sort of 'woofs' a few times, stops to have a good scratch and then heads back to the shade for a nap.

Unfortunately, he either has a really poor sense of balance, or absolutely no depth perception, because he fell off the roof a week or so ago, about 2 floors down, to an empty lot, filled with rocks and rubble, for what we have learned is the 4th time!

He's a tough old guy. It's two weeks later and he's back. He still 'woofs' once in a while, in his deep old dog voice, and continues to deal with his itches. He does seem to be staying a bit further back from the edge of the roof however.

Who says you can't teach on old dog new tricks!

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