Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Abi asked out this morning around 6:00 a.m. and then we went back to bed for an hour or so. It was early, I wasn't really paying attention to much of anything, and the fog didn't register until we got up again, at 7:15. There was a cruise ship out there, somewhere, I could hear it. But we certainly couldn't see it!

Some other sights around town (without the fog!!) ....

We took friends to Loco Lupes for lunch on the beach yesterday, their first experience. The boys decided to share an order of oysters first. We had our choice of fish and chose the dorada (the large one on the left) and 2 of the red snappers. Delicious, as usual!

Before having lunch, we made a quick trip to the Golden Zone to run a few errands. Well, truthfully, it wasn't all that quick as the traffic was crazy. It's Semana Santa right now, spring break in Mexico, and everyone is out having fun. We've decided to stay closer to home for the next week and to definitely only drive if we have to!

As part of the city improvement programme, trees are being planted along Cameron Sabalo, the main street through the Golden Zone. This, of course, doesn't do much to aid in the traffic flow, but it will be lovely once they are all in place and growing.

Mentioning growing, the plants continue to bloom in Mazatlan, including the bouganvalia on our terrace, the one we were sure was dead. It has virtually no leaves but every day more flowers appear on the bare branches.

I found a great store - sure wish I needed to buy some furniture!

Just your average day in Mazatlan!!


  1. Found your blog! Lunch at Molika was great, wasn't it?!

    I don't know how in the world those palm tree stand up, just a small root for their size, and barely in the ground.

    Take care,
    Viki Wilson

  2. Where is that furniture store? Always like to peruse what is out there and thought I knew them all.

  3. I just love those old chairs! What a great day to show friends around. Did you really eat that whole fish by yourself I'm thinking not. We are celebrating Gary's 60th birthday today as well as Good Friday and Easter with a great feast Ryan the chef is preparing.Happy Easter VBFS.

  4. Hi Viki - welcome! As well as standing up, I'm really wondering if the trees will ever turn green. I've noticed a few green branches in the centres, but right now they look rather sickly. Keep me posted, OK?

    Zoe, I'd like to know where it is too! I was wandering, not really paying attention to where I was. I think I can find my way back - I'll let you know as soon I find it again.

    And yup, I ate the whole darned fish. Well, the good parts anyway and left the head (shudder) for Mike to pick at. That man will eat anything! (It wasn't a very big fish, but it was very very good!)