Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Get Away, Continued

The Lighthouse is no longer working, but it's a great spot to view the surrounding countryside if, that is, you are not afraid of heights!

We didn't walk each and every street of the village, but we did cover many of them, as the village really is quite small. We loved the church.

As in any Mexican town, there is a marked difference between the old and the new.

The surrounding area has been declared an eco-protected area, and any future development will be controlled to protect the environment. We have heard that there are plans to provide a more direct improved road into the village and work has started on a central plaza and covered market. Because the village is part of the projected eco-tourism zone, any hotels built will be restricted to no more than 2 stories high. At the time of our visit, other than Gail, the owner of La Rosa, and one other couple from Colorado who were staying there, I think we were the only Gringos in town. The children seemed to find us fascinating, and quite amusing. Everyone we met on our walks was very friendly and quick to greet us with a smile and a bright "Buenas Tardas".

On Wednesday, our second day, we decided to go back to take yet more pictures of the fishing boats.

I`m really torn, boats or ruins .... ruins or boats ....

We were hungry, but the beach was beckoning. We walked for a bit, still within the town, and started to find shells, many, many shells

and so we kept walking. The beach goes for miles and is stunning. There are no houses, no hotels, nothing but beach, sand, shells, driftwood ....

We had a bag with us as we had planned on stopping to pick up yogurt and juice on our way home after our 'short' walk, but by the time we were finished we had been gone for hours and the bag was filled with shells. We had to resort to a plastic bag at Abarrotes 'Zavala', the "corner store". By the way, we left the ray on the beach!!

When we finally made our way back to the Beach House, we were starving so Mike made us lunch and then we settled down to sort our shells.

Good thing drift wood is too heavy to carry!

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  1. I can't stop picking up shells either you have some really nice ones there.Do you like to pick up coloured glass too I've heard it called mermaids tears. I've seen that made into some really nice jewellery especially necklaces which I bought for myself.