Saturday, March 27, 2010


The only problem was, I didn't want cake.

I wanted bread, bread from the new bakery that a friend from the Library told me about. I especially wanted bread from this particular bakery as the piece she showed me was part of a sandwich, a sandwich with real roasted ham. She also mentioned that the baker used whole grains, and made a mean foccacia. I was hooked. I don't eat a lot of bread, but this had now developed into a craving, for bread with lots of taste, texture and flavour.

However, we are all a bit directionally challenged here in Mazatlan, me included. We seem to rarely give directions that involve a street name. Our directions usually involve words like "it's the green and blue building, a few blocks up, on the right, across the street from the bank" and most of the time it works. Except this time. I knew where that darn bakery was, I understood the directions completely, but I missed it on the walk home. I'm going to blame Mike, he distracted me, we were on the wrong side of the street, etc. etc. Whatever. I missed it and as I said, I really wanted some of this bread.

So, when I woke the next morning I decided to post a query on one of our local forums thinking that surely someone could tell me where this place was. I could have phoned my friend, but the directions she had given were pretty clear, and I didn't want to admit that I hadn't found it. I was praying that she didn't check the forum that day.

Thanks to many of the wonderful folks who live here in Mazatlan, I now know exactly where the bakery is (on Belisario Dominguez, just north of the insection with Constitucion, kitty corner from "The Bullfighters Bar", beside the old pharmacy, across the street from the bank) and I also know the name (Molika). I realized after reading several of the responses to my question that I had noticed the new sign on the way to the Library in the morning, but it hadn't registered that it was a bakery, perhaps because I didn't notice the smell of baking bread. I might have been too early or distracted by a fresh coat of paint on a wall, who knows!

The only worry was that I had alerted the rest of the city to the NEW BAKERY and I was a bit concerned that everyone would dash down and clean the place out before I had a chance to decide which shoes to wear on my expedition to purchase the perfect loaf!

Luck, however, is on my side and Hector seems to be baking enough bread for everyone. We have purchased bread to take to friends for dinner, we have eaten there for lunch (words cannot describe how good that sandwich was) and also stopped by one night after dinner at the Plazuela Machado with our friends, Nancy and Paul. We were full after our delicious dinner at Il Musto, but couldn't resist stopping for dessert at Molika.

I didn't have my camera with me, but Nancy is always ready and recorded our selections, before they were devoured. Mike and I followed Nancy's blog, Countdown to Mexico, for several years before we came to Mazatlan, and it was a wonderful surprise when we discovered we were neighbours.

I still feel the need to share, so we have invited friends for lunch at the casita. We plan on serving a selection of Mexican cheeses, a chilled soup, and, of course, BREAD!

Bon appetit!!


  1. All I can say is YUM! I am going to have even more challenges with watching my weight now!

  2. Not much to say. I feel embarrased. You people detect any good place in Mazatlan better than the CIA! I'm a mazatlecan. I've been living here all my life -62 years- but don't have the expertise to find them. Maybe we get to familiar to our enviroment that we lose track of interesting things. I have a couple of friends who spend most of their lives here. He's an englishman, she's a Czech-French lady. Everytime we go out for comida or supper she becomes our leader because she knows every single place where comida is available, including the regular menu and names of the people in charge. We mazatlecans usually choose 3 or 4 places to go out for dinner and stick to them until it is time to look for new ones, only if the ones we visit close down, move or disappear. Hard to believe, uh?

  3. Nancy, the only way I'm going to lose weight is to go back to Canada where we rarely eat out because it's just too darned expensive.

    Bloglogger, when we do go out to dinner at home in Winnipeg, we too go to the same places, over and over again, even though there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Guess we're all just creatures of habit!