Friday, March 19, 2010


The City has recently implemented a programme to improve certain aspects of Mazatlan. As well as the on-going campaign against the recent increase in crime, they are also working hard to improve the physical appearance of Maz. Teams of city employees are gathering in various neighbourhoods to literally 'clean the streets'. Trees are being planted, and dead or dying ones are being removed. Sidewalks are being repaired, or, in some cases, being installed. This is an old city, and it will take time, but improvements are being made.

I'm not sure about this, of course, but I have heard that the major focus will be in the 'tourist' areas, the Zona Dorado and parts north. This does make sense as Mazatlan is hoping to become a major tourist destination in the very near future. Sigh.

However, we live in Centro, and Centro will hopefully always be Centro! We have noticed the odd new building appear that does not 'fit' but we all hope that nothing too drastic will happen to destroy the character and charm of the historic centre of the city.

Spring Cleaning often leads to remodelling ...

and to painting. Several of the old ruins have been "spruced up" recently. The interiors remain the same but many have had their exteriors returned to perhaps a touch of their former glory.

The camera and I went for a long walk this week, just to enjoy the city and to look at the flowers, and it was impossible not to notice the colours, everywhere!

Yes, there is litter in the streets and the walls are often covered with graffiti. You do have do be careful where you step because not everyone 'scoops the poop' when they walk the dog. Of course, the street dogs just make themselves comfortable, anywhere! The sidewalks are crooked, and the curbs can definitely be a challenge.

But this is such a lovely city - all you have to do is look up!!

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  1. What beautiful colours!Just looking at them gets you excited. Ontario could use some of those to lift spirits up and maybe that would help winter blahs. Just think what the parliament buildings in Ottawa would look like in exciting mexican colours. It blows your mind.