Sunday, March 7, 2010

How Many?????

I seem to be obsessed with the camera lately, and can't seem to stop. These I couldn't resist, found in the gardens of La Rosa de Las Barras. Once again, it's the digital thing, why take one when you can have two?

Did I mention that I took 222 pictures in 2 days? Gotta love those digital cameras. I'm not a professional, sure wish I was, but I do have fun!

So, to continue ...

I seem to have developed a fascination with driftwood. I could go on an on, as in, where it did come from??, what was it before??, how old is it?? .... but I won't. Instead, I'll just look at my photos again, and ponder to myself. Feel free to join me. And yes, I did notice that some of the wood is still in the ground. Does it still qualify or is it just dead wood? Whatever, it was stunning!

And by the way, every once in awhile it really is fun to ignore rules about puncuation, and sentence structure. But only occasionally, otherwise it could become habit forming.

I still use all my fingers to type, not just my thumbs! And I do try to pay attention to my spelling!!! Call me old fashioned.

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  1. See Sandie that's what comes from being a high school yearbook editor you just can't stop being fastidious about spelling grammar etc.It's okay you can handle it that's why we picked you for it!