Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is Anyone Home?

It's been over a year since we made our first long term visit to Mazatlan.

We retired in May of 2008 and had planned to be arrive in Mazatlan November 1st. Due to health issues we didn't actually make it until March 10, 2009. We stayed until the end of May, 2009, went 'home' for the summer and then drove south again, to arrive 'home' in Maz, November, 2009, for our planned 6 months. It is now March 16, 2010, more than a year since our first arrival date.

In the past year, we have left 'home' in Canada, spent three months 'home' in Mexico, have left and gone 'home' to Canada for 5 months and then have returned 'home', again, to Mexico. Soon, in 5 weeks, we leave, again for 'home' in Canada, to spend 6 months before heading south, again, in November, to go 'home' again, to Mazatlan.

Can you sense my confusion?

Could I choose, one over the other? First response would be "Yes, of course!" Everyone who knows me can tell you how very much I love my country. Canada is, and always will be, 'home'. Do I miss winter, the snow, sleet, ice and temperatures combined with a wind chill that can remove my fingers? No. Please don't tell me that it's not that bad - I just really don't like winter. We used to ski and loved it, a lot, but that was when we were younger, and foolish. However, the summers are lovely, and my country is beautiful. Last summer we realized that we have been in every Province (except me, in Newfoundland) and we have driven from one side to the other (not all at the same time, but it is a very large country)!

I'm just trying to figure out what 'home' is, and what I miss about it.

I miss my son. However, we do talk once a week, to be honest more than we did when we lived in the same city. Of course, I did see him at least once a month, and this has been almost 6. I miss seeing him, in person. My Mum I talk to every week, on the telephone, just like we did when I was 'home'. Mum lives in Ontario and the arrangements for my trip 'home' have already been made - I'll leave less than a week after we arrive back 'home' in Winnipeg. Yes, that's right, another 'home', except this one will be different yet again, as we lost my Dad last summer and 'home' for Mum is now the Manor, the nursing 'home' down the street from the 'home', they lived in since my Dad's retirement in the late 70's.

The 'home' issue is getting somewhat confusing.

I guess it comes down to friends, and family.

We have come to love our life in Maz. It's not all about parties and beaches (that's for the 'tourists!). That's not us at all. This is just 'home' now.

We came to Mazatlan, and Mexico, in March of 2008, after a truly dreadful year. Many of our friends, and family, asked us to email them to let them know how we were doing. I really didn't want to spend hours every day sending emails. Instead, our son, Jeff, suggested that I start a blog. At first, I was a bit hesitant, as I thought it was just a bit self-centered. I mean, really, how presumptious of me to assume that what I chose to babble on about would be be interesting to anyone more than me.

However, I soon discovered that it was a whole lot easier than sending individual emails. Plus, how was I going to explore, and find things to save with my camera, if I spent all day at the computer?? I haven't mentioned the food, have I? That's a totally different subject.

I have loved every minute of mexicoatlast, and I am totally amazed at the friends who now share my adventures with me. It is a bit intimidating at times as I started this whole thing to keep in touch with the folks at 'home' and now, at times, it has become somewhat of a personal journal. It's such a treat to get a comment on a post (they read it, they liked it, there are people out there!!!) and I do feel a bit guilty about not replying to each and every comment. Please understand and know that I read all of of them and appreciate each and every one. Don't feel that you have to comment - I know you're out there, somewhere!

I'm going to try to be graceful about some of the people at 'home' who didn't choose to read my blog. I'm not so full of myself that I feel they should. However, I know that once again, when I arrive 'home', they will ask, "How was your trip?"

How on earth can I condense 6 months of living into one sentence? How about, "It was lovely, thank you. I can't wait to go back'?


  1. I know just what you mean and I have often thought of doing a blog also, but never quite reach the starting gate. Also, most of my friends from back "home" follow me on Facebook and I post lots of pictures as a rule. Or used to..we tend to be homebodies lately as we enjoy our house so much. (and we haven't as much "disposable" income.)I am glad we have your coming back to look forward to next year.

  2. We are so glad that Mazatlan is your home for at least part of the year! And you know.... your Maz friends would enjoy a look at your life in Winnipeg if you wanted to blog about that when you are North.


  3. Lovely sentiments and thoughts. I have enjoyed this posting as much as any written by anyone. Have a great summer where ever you are.

  4. Sandie, don't sell yourself short. You have a wonderful way of writing down your experiences. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Hopefully we get to caravan together from the border to Mazatlan again like we did last year. Joanne and I already have plans to meet in Tucson and then, hopefully, meet you and Mike in Nogales.

  5. Wow, so good to hear that I'm not the only one suffering from M.H.D. (multiple home disorder)! You've nailed the sentiments perfectly, and as it comes closer to the time to change homes, my Canadian side is excited to return to family, friends and amazing mountains, but my Mexican side knows it will be homesick for Mazatlan. Who knew living in 2 fabulous places would be so difficult!!

  6. Thanks for taking us on your journey we look forward to your blog experiences its pure escapism for us!