Monday, March 29, 2010

Through the Windows

Everyone must be getting tired of my ongoing fascination with ruins, but I simply cannot help myself. I lived in Europe for 4 years as a teenager and it was the same there, except at that time the ruins in question were castles.

This grand old house was certainly not a castle, but it must have been a magnificent home in its day. The exterior has been painted recently and I noticed that most of the debris has been removed from the interior.

The young men painting the exterior of the building across the street were quite amused as I tucked the camera between the bars on the windows to photograph the interior of the ramshackle old building. Silly gringa!

I can't help but be curious about these lovely old structures. Who lived there? When? Why did they leave? And what did it look like, all those years ago???


  1. Hey Sandie,
    I'm with you. Every time we walked around that area I'd be poking my camera through the bars to get photos. I fantasize about having the time and money to restore these old beauties.

  2. Joanna, we've noticed some activity in the old ruin just down the hill from us, on the corner of B. Dominguez and Melchor Ocampo. It sounds like they've started working on the interior (we can hear the hammering as we walk by). We can see into the rear of the building from our terrace and have spotted the occasional person going in and out of one of the rooms. We're really curious and wonder what will happen during our absence over the summer.