Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Husband

It's been all about me lately and I thought that perhaps you'd like to know how Mike was doing.

I know, he could tell you himself; he can type, he can spell, and if I check the puncuation marks ... but he's busy right now. He's having a siesta. Now this is important - Mike is not napping - he never naps - that's for old folks - he's just having a siesta.

Mike has developed a busy social life since we arrived in Maz so he needs to get his rest.

We tried Bridge when we first arrived but I gave up after the first lesson. Mike was pretty serious about this, for awhile, but after a few weeks, he started to miss lessons. Now, sorry to all you serious bridge players out there, but can we blame him???? It seemed that to develop any kind of skill at all, he was going to have to play 3 times a week, plus he was going to have to learn to speak a second language (that would be Bridgese). He says that he's still interested in learning how to play, so maybe he'll try it again next year. I, however, have decided to pass. Do you pass in Bridge? I can't remember!

I have been busy at the Library every Monday (my excuse for getting out of Bridge) and Mike has discovered the Monday Lunch Bunch. They meet every week to discover and enjoy yet another spot for the Comida Corrida (the lunch of the day). I think the challenge is to find yet another spot in Centro to have lunch for around 50 pesos (about $4.00 Cdn). So far, they have not been thwarted in their quest.

Wednesday is "Beans and Beer". Need I say more. This group is larger, it has something to do with with 50 pesos each, bellinis of beer, and lots of beans. He's having a great time, we don't worry about dinner, I don't ask questions. He doesn't ask about Girls Night Out, so it's only fair!

I'm thrilled that Mike has found some golf buddies. Mike is a very good golfer (OK I know, I'm not supposed to say anything, but he is!!!!) and the boys now have a regular Friday golf date. Golf is very expensive in Mazatlan and although he did golf twice at the El Cid course in January, it was not something he planned on doing regularly. However, they have been playing at the local course, Campestre, where the green fees are much more reasonable, and he's actually planning on bringing his own clubs down next trip.

And then, of course, he has Salsa Saturdays. There are a number of us who meet at Canucks, one of the local 'hangout' spots, every Saturday for our Salsa class. This was actually my idea, but he's been a real trooper and never complains when I drag him out on Saturday evenings. It's been a lot of fun, and we've actually, at times, been able to dance together without stepping on each others toes, or tripping.

I think my husband is enjoying life in Mazatlan!

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  1. I just love Libraries I think I should have taken Library Science at college rather than teaching but maybe not. Books and reading are my hobby and maybe working as a Librarian would have wrecked that love. Anyway your part time job sounds so fun and Lorretta sounds like my kind of person so into cats like myself. Very cute pics of Abi too; she is lovely.Mike is one special guy give him a hug for me.Glad he's found golf buddies. Gary is very envious of anyone golfing in Winter .I bought him new clubs for his 60th birthday now he was on cloud nine!He just can't wait to get out on the greens.