Friday, April 17, 2009

A Peaceful Day

This has been the most delightful, totally relaxing day I've had in ages.

We moved to the Casita on Thursday and spent the afternoon pretty much unpacking and getting settled in. Of course, we also made a batch of spagetti – that seems to be the tradition everytime we move to a new home, spagetti for dinner the first night. Today (Friday) has been spent going through cupboards to see what kind of goodies Sarah has tucked away (lots) and rearranging things just a bit to make it seem like home.

And what a home it is! The Casita is even prettier than we remember, and the view is more spectacular. Sarah has done a lovely job of decorating, all very light and airy, with the marvelous touches of Mexico in the accessories – lamps, pillows etc. She's even bought a bit more furniture – one chair in particular would go missing if we could get it into the car. (Just kidding, Sarah!)

We're getting acquainted with our new neighbourhood and have already met out next door neighbours. Lori owns a very popular taco stand/restaurant and we're going there for dinner tonight. Mike is actually out right now, is making his second trip of the day to the corner store to see if Alfredo has any limes as he forgot them the first time. Abi darted out the door as he was leaving, so he relented and took her with him. I thought I heard her barking, but just looked out the door to see them heading off way down the street, past Alfredos. So, either Alfredo did not have the limes or Mike is being a really nice guy and taking his dog for a walk. The barking, by the way, is coming from up the hill. Did I mention that the Casita is on a very, and I emphasise the very, steep street? The exercise will be good for us!!

But, back to the relaxation part. We decided that since this is the first day in the new house for Abi we wouldn't go out and leave her. Mike, as mentioned, has ventured out twice for staples (ok, fine I admit – cervesa, limes and mix). I stayed home, puttered, read my book, worked on a crossword puzzle and just laid back. We are in the midst of Bike Week here in Mazatlan (many many very loud motorcycles – more on this later, as we're going to the parade on Saturday) so it is quite noisy in certain parts of town. But up here, on the hill, all is blissfully quiet and serene. We can hear the birds sing and the church bells ring. We do also hear our neighbours' cars revving up in the morning as they get ready to leave for work and listen to them chatting at night after we've gone to bed, but that's what neighbours are all about. Can't wait to meet more of them.

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