Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hood

We're moving next week to the house we had originally rented for our 6 month trip to Mazatlan – the trip we had to postpone. We quite like the little house we are in right now, and have become quite familiar with and fond of the neighbourhood, but as both the house next door and the one on the corner are being restored, it can be quite noisy and dusty at times. We are excited about the move to the Casita as the house is lovely and the view is spectacular and this will be a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with the area before we settle there next November. Like the house we are in right now, it is an easy walk to the Plaza and the Market, not to mention Edgar's, Mike's favourite bar. (More on Edgar's later – promise!) The Casita is on Ice Box Hill, so the walk is a bit steeper in parts, but the exercise will be good for us. Well, good for me anyway – still fighting to lose those pounds gained during Chemo. (More on that later as well...)

Before we move I wanted to share some of the pictures we've taken of the house we're living in and also some of the neighbourhood. So this time, not too many words, and more pictures. Wish I could capition them, but to be honest, not sure how to do that (more lessons required from Jeff this summer) so let this be an adventure – just like it was for us.

We are having some connection problems on the WiFi we are using, the pictures won't upload so we'll attach them after we get into the Casita on Thursday. Also goes for the market pictures per the previous post.

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