Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh for the juice of a Lemon

It's the funniest thing – lemons simply cannot be found in Mazatlan. I don't know about the rest of Mexico, but we have searched high and low and there is not a lemon to be found in this city. Or, for that matter, lemon juice in a bottle. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, and it really isn't. Except when you have a craving for Caesar salad and for all of those who make your own dressing, you know that lemon is an important ingredient. I would advise not trying to substitute lime juice – an interesting taste, but definitely not Caesar salad. We also have a favourite pork tenderloin marinade which calls for lemon juice. After the attempt at Caesar salad, I was a bit hesitant. As luck would have it, we were dining out at a favourite 'real' restaurant, Te Amo Lucy, and during a chat with the Tony, the owner the subject of the lack of lemons came up. Apparently they do show up, rarely, and when they do, he buys lots, as in bags and bags, juices them and freezes the juice in ice cube trays. I came home with a cube, made the marianade, and dinner was delicious. However, I am still hunting as I really would like a Caesar salad. If all else fails, it's back to enjoy more of Lucy's great cooking and to hit Tony up for another cube.

This blog is posted as a hopeful reminder to all those we hope plan on visiting us next year. Always check with us before leaving home – a freshly made bed, and refreshments, not to mention meals, might be dependent upon you packing in your suitcase whatever essentials we discover we are missing here in Paradise. Mike has just mentioned that we cannot find relish either or a good pickle.

This is just an aside. We boiled some eggs for lunch, and when I took them out of the pot noticed the sizes. These all came out of the same, size large, carton.

We were also up around 6:00 am one morning and this was the view out of the living room and kitchen doors. By the way, after the picture was taken we went back to bed but think it was worth getting up for.

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