Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health Issues

Swine Flu seems to be the leading story on the news these days, and I guess for obvious reasons. We're starting to receive queries on the state of our health and I know that some people are concerned about our safety.

I'd just like to reassure everyone that all is well in Mazatlan. The breakout seems to concentrated in the Mexico City area, which is about 750 miles away. We have heard that the bars in Peurto Vallarta have been closed, but as a precautionary measure. The Governor of the State is concerned that, as the schools in Mexico City and surrounding areas have been closed, the students will turn this into another spring break and flock to the beaches and bars of the resort cities. Hopefully the same won't happen in Mazatlan. We really don't spend all that much time in bars anyway! We are starting to notice a few residents of Mazatlan wearing masks but other than that all is normal here.

Mike and I had to have flu shots this year before I started Chemotherapy and during the treatments had to be very careful to avoid infections of any kind. We are just continuing with that practice - lots of hand sanitizer, avoiding crowds, etc.

We'll be fine!


  1. That is good news Sandi....I was actually just going to write you an email to ask about things where you are in Mazatlan, but decided to check the blog first. I hope things continue to stay healthy for you there!

  2. Hi Sandie and Mike
    Thanks for reassureing me that your being careful The news here is the swine flu is the #1 health concern world wide but it sounds like your doing all you can to stay safe as we all are here.It's a scary time we live in.TTFN