Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Packing Again

Tomorrow is moving day, so as soon as we leave the Plaza we're heading home to pack up the Azueta house in preparation for our move to the Casita on the hill.

I do have a confession to make - I admit it, I brought too many clothes. What a surprise!! I've already packed up our cold weather stuff that we wore on the drive down - will just leave that in the trunk of the car. I think I'll also be leaving some warm weather clothes there as well. With the extra shoes. Please remind me of this when we're packing up for our trip back in the fall.

We're looking forward to the move. One of the nice things will be having internet access. We love coming to the Plaza Machado in the mornings to use the wifii but we can't always get on, but have found the connection is too slow to attach pictures, and there is so much to look at it's hard to concentrate. I'll be much better about doing postings from now on - promise.

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