Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Impromptu Evening

We went to the beach yesterday afternoon, had lunch, and then walked home so we were sort of worn out and decided that we would just stay at home in the evening, maybe play a few games of Chicken Feet Dominos and then perhaps watch a movie. However when we got home we checked our email and had received a posting from Janet, the editor of M!, a new Mazatlan newspaper for the English speaking folks in town. She was letting everyone know that there was entertainment at the Plaza Machado in the evening, part of the Dance Festival that's going on right now. So, we changed our minds, called Brenda and Wayne and met them there. The first segment was a Cirque du Soleil type number, which Brenda and I both really enjoyed. Mike and Wayne said they missed most of it because they were napping. The second two numbers certainly kept them awake though – these kids were amazing and it was extremely entertaining.

Now, if we were smart we would have ended our evening there and just gone home. However, some one decided we should stop for a marguerita (I'm going to blame Brenda and Wayne for this) at one of the restaurants at the Plaza and one marguerita of course leads to another. As were sitting there, the Plaza Mime wandered over and made Brenda and I balloon puppies and lovely balloon hats for the boys. Which they wore. We ended the evening at the Bull Fighters Bar where some fool (Mike) ordered yet more tequila. I'm not sure what became of the puppies, or the hats.

Tonight we're going to behave ourselves and stay home. I think.

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