Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dogs of Mazatlan

There are many – street dogs, roof top dogs, balcony dogs, parking pad dogs and 'leash' dogs.

Street dogs come in all shapes and sizes and seem to be everywhere. We were told to be careful as they apparently can be aggressive, but so far all they have done is look at us, and occasionally follow us for a block or so. We usually pick up Abi if they do seem to be developing an attachment, just in case. I feel sort of sorry for them. As we have heard about adoptions I guess others feel the same way.

Roof dogs really do spend time of the roof. Our favourites – the 2 somewhat untidy bijon cross types who prance around on a roof that has no edges at all. We're just hoping that they don't become so obsessed with barking at Abi that they fall right off. It's a high house! The least favourite – the huge black rottweiler who lives down the street from Mike's beer vendor.

The balcony dogs come in all shapes and sizes as well – another biggie, a beige rottweiler with a really big bark, the cocker spaniel who races from one end of the balcony to the other trying to catch us (cute, but perhaps not too bright) and of course, the 3 chiawawas, who peer out of the openings in the brick, barking madly – really fierce.

Many of the homes in our area have gated parking pads attached to the houses, and this is where the family dogs hang out, catching a breath of fresh, checking out the neighbours, and barking, barking, barking. We have 3 who live in the house down the street ( fluffy when we got here, but they've recently had a cut and are now very very bald) who seem to enjoy starting the day with an early morning group howl, often as early as 7 a.m.

Then there are the leash dogs. Other than the ex-pat puppies, there are not too many of these. The only ones we really see regularly are Chiawawas – and although they are on a leash, they are often being carried. Not to brag or anything, but our litle leash puppy is doing really well. She actually walks without attempting to dislocate our shoulders and has learned to pretty much ignore the other dogs we encounter. Quite a change from her behaviour at home; we're hoping that she keeps it up when we get back!

Sigh. Mexicans never seem to tell their dogs not to bark, so it can be a bit noisy at times. Another sound of Mazatlan!

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  1. Thanks for the info on dogs! Got a small Westie & will be moving to MZT fall of 2010 from Oregon. I'm concerned about how she'll do there. I'll need to rent a place w/room enough for her to play outside - hopefully without barking! I'll be there Jan 2010 to check things out. BTW, just found this blogsite & am finding it probably the most useful thus far regarding MZT! Thanks so much! Gayle, 11/21/09