Saturday, April 25, 2009

Edgars Bar ... A Mexican Cantina

Edgar's Bar is an old (1940's) style Cantina. Cantina's are unique to Mexico and typically are great places to have a “refuge from both the wife and life” ... not my comments but from a very good article with much more detail by a local writer by the name of Bodie Kellogg.

He has written a great article about Cantina's in a local publication called M – Arts,entertainment and information”. If you would like more detail have a look at in the April issue and the article is called; “Cantina Crawl: Not for the Tender-Hearted”

But Edgar's has been our favourite. It is very near the Central food market and when we go shopping there it is very convenient to stop for a cerveza and something to eat on the walk home. Around 2:30 every day they serve a Botana – which is a small plate of food and it is free!! Some days it is a meat stew with rice and refried beans and tacos; sometimes it is marlin stew; or a Mexican versin of meatball soup; or a shrimp soup with a couple of shrimp in the soup to chew on or it might be a Mexican salad with seafood of some kind mixed in. Throw in a cheap Tacate beer and you've got a light lunch for about 1.20 Cdn or less if they have a special promation on the beer. Some people even bring their own food in; a bbq'd chicken or a few tacos and no one at the Cantina seems to care.

But the people are the most fun. Business people, local folks, some tourists and people selling everything from watches, to peanuts to pirated vieo tapes. They also have music every day; mostly a fellow playing the piano and an older man playing an old beat up guitar ala Willie Nelson.

And the waitresses are a real hoot. They all dress in black and white and flirt with the patrons; hugging and kissing old friends and new patrons alike. Our favourite is Miki whom you can see in the pictures along with the bartender and the manager.

Somehow I don't think this idea would ever work in Canada but in Mazatlan and Mexico it is a time homored tradition to go to the Cantina for drink and conversation.

Next time you travel to Mexico search one out; I promise an adventure awaits you.


  1. hello again!
    You sure look like your enjoying Mexican life in the Cantina. It seems like a terrific deal with the food if they offered that in Canada we would never see our husbands. Do the mexicans have a similar get away for ladies like spa with free lunch and beer.I doubt it seems like its not a perfect world even in Mexico.

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  5. Was there 4 years ago. What a hoot! Best time we've had in a long time and it was the middle of the afternoon. The gentlemen who sang traditional Mexican songs were good. Old, quaint, colourful (lots of pinadas/stuff hanging from the ceiling, friendly and just plain comfortable. Going back this year.