Saturday, March 14, 2009

The trip continued - Part 2

Sandie is letting me, the driver do this post. Of course she wrote out exactly what to say and I'm not allowed to change anything. Think she wanted to give me something to do and her fingers were worn out.

New Mexico - still small towns, angle parking and NO people but finally some stunning scenery. And lots of bill coards - hundreds of them, one after another for miles. Our favourites were for Clines Corners (apperently the best fudge in the universe) and the Flying C Ranch - no bigger than a reular truck stop but they have absolutly everything including Mexican and native jewellry (no, I wouldn't stop) firecrackers, snakes ( definitly wouldn't stop when I read that) and much much more all described in detail on hundreds of very large billboards.

But very beautiful; mountains, cactii and colour.

Hotel in Albuquerque was gorgeous, glad we didn't have to pay. Lots of travel when I worked paid off with Sheraton plan points. Wondered if they had made a mistake letting us and Abi into a posh hotel because at this stage we were very unposh after a few days on the road.

On to Arizona - Scenery even more spectacular than NM but still no people. Lots of places to stop in NM and Ariz. but didn't. We were in total drive mode. Were close to Santa Fe, El Paso, Tombstone, Rosswell (didn't want to get abducted) and our favourite - Truth or Cosequences. Yes, the town actually changed it's name in honour of the radio game show from the 50's. Sandie says she remembers it but it's way before my time.

Border crossing a snap - no lineups. Sandie says I was such a smart ass A type organizer, but it all worked. Abi was great again - we think aliens from when we passed Rosswell have gotten into her head - she's been so good.

Spent our first night and the next day in a trailer park in San Carlos on the sea of Cortez. Met a great couple who invited us for dinner in their Rv/House/Castle. They've been on the road for four years - true adventurers compared to us and are on their way to Panama to live. Looking forward to hooking up with them again in Panama; hint hint, nudge nudge.

Left San Carlos on the 10th and drove on to Mazatlan; 9 1/2 hrs later we finally made it. No trouble driving in the city, driving in Winnipeg is good practice and found our house easily ( we'll do another blog on the house in a couple of days)

Total kms driven; 4562. Total hours in the car; 49 hrs

Was it worth it - YES

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