Saturday, March 28, 2009

Always a surprise around the corner

The other night after dinner under the stars in our backyard we decided to go for a walk and work off the chicken fajitas. We planned on making it to the Malacon to watch the waves on the ocean but were stopped by the sound of a pounding basketball.
We went into one of the oldest b'ball stadiums I have ever seen and stayed to watch a game between Mazatlan and Sonora teams that were playing in the National over 50 years old tournament. Was a lot of fun, ran into our taco stand friend Manuel. Had a few cerveza's - even Sandie and watched the game. Maz. won. Left after the game and by now we had worn off the fajitas and stopped at a hotdog stand for two bbq'd dogs, all the trimmings.

Then we wandered back to the Plaza Machado and listened to a great Cuban band playing salsa style dance music. Great musicians and super dancers. A couple of the local girls were dancing on the stage - it was a good thing their mothers were not their to watch or they would have been grounded for a month!!

Other than the dog and beers it ended up being a free evening of entertainment.

It's always amazing to us just what is around the next corner here.

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