Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Shrimp Dinner

Mike and I had a craving for shrimp - Mazatlan is the shrimp capital of the world and the shrimp are available in every size (and colour we found out!)
Off we went to visit the Shrimp Ladies - they set up shop every day and take up more than a city block. They set up tables which are covered with buckets and buckets of shrimp - so many to choose from! Legend has it that they are widows or relatives of shrimp fishermen who have died at sea so the government tolerates them and doesn't chase them away. They have sold shrimp here for years and are an institution.

After making our selection, with the help of yet another new Mexican friend, we headed home to "tidy" them up and ready the barbeque. While Mike deveined them and removed the shells (and I marvelled at the size!), I prepared a couple of simple sauces (garlic, lime and butter for half, and a freshly squeezed orange juice marinade for the other).
Dinner was delicious. We have decided though that next time we only need to buy 1/2 a kilo - we had more than enough. Cost for 1 kg of very large browns was 160 pesoes or approx 13.00. A bit more expensive than our normal dinners but worth it. And of course, if we only bought 1/2 kilo ........ Oh, the 'browns' - some of the shrimp are 'blues'. Beats me, they all come out the same colour when they're cooked!


  1. Hi Sandie and Mike - Enjoyed your getting gas story! And the shrimp look delicious! Did you hear Winnipeg is bracing for high water again and enjoying snow and rain? We haven't had a drop of either in 13 days. I have been able to get Mother outside for a w/c walk a couple of days. Her back remains sore and she has restarted a NSAID,Naproxen,tonight. Walking short distances with 2 people assisting and physio 2x/wk.
    How about a picture of Sandie next time, Mike? We are glad you are enjoying yourselves and settling in to a new life style. Love JoAnne & Marty xoxo

  2. Hi. I just ran into your blog. nice.
    My uncle use to have a mariscos restaurant right there in the calle de las camaroneras (shrimp ladies street). My aunt now lives there with her daughter. You've probably have ran into them and don't even know it! Anyway, you writing about them sure brought back some memories, including the smell. Never liked that smell. But the shrimp, that's a totally different story! Love it.

    Hay, I miss mi Mazatlan!