Friday, March 27, 2009

The price of Food

Mike and I still can't get over how little it is costing us to eat in Mazatlan. A few days ago we went to the market to pick up a few things and realized when we got home how much we had and how little we had spent. The bowl is filled with 3 apples, 3 carrots, 8 or 9 limes, an avacado, more than enough beans for dinner that night, a cucumber and several tomatoes. All this cost us $2.60.

The veggies are soaking in water and a few drops of "Microdyne", a product everyone, even the Mexicans, uses to clean produce before eating it.
Yesterday we decided to have Fajitas for dinner, but as usual, because we seem to shop for food every day, we needed a few things so back we went to the market. The chicken breast we picked up, which was huge, cost us $1.40

Tonight we're going out to dinner with friends - we can certainly afford it!

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